Abattoir - Casablanca

A covered garden in one of Africa’s largest cities.

REUSE has been asked to develop plans for the regeneration of the derelict abattoir in Casablanca Morocco.

2007 - 2009

City of Casablanca
City of Amsterdam


Evert Verhagen

The old abattoirs in Casablanca have a great charm. Most people now the place, but the buildings are empty since the abattoir moved to new buildings several years ago. REUSE was asked to work with the Mayor of Csablanca, Sayid, to help him on a strategy to redevelop these fascinating buildings. 

My proposal was to start immediately. That's what he did and so Easter 2009 the abattoir of Casablanca saw ten thousnads of people in an art show that was unique in this town. 

The question now is how to bring this strategy further.