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Ispiration for the Port of Rotterdam

Inspiration trips for the Port of Rotterdam

spring 2007, spring 2008

Port of Rotterdam


Nathalie de Reus
Evert Verhagen
Kyle Alexander
Michael Schwartze Rodrian


REUSE organised a program with two excursions in it. One to the harbour of London and the other to the Emscher park project.

In the German Ruhr area there was a broad feeling in the early ninetees that something had to happen. This is why a very inspirational coalition was formed: the International Building Exposition Emscher Park.

Port of London once was one of the largest harbours in the world. In the early eighties it became clear that this was going to be finished forever. The Docklands project was started to give this vast piece of land a new future.

Both projects were the inspiration for the Port of Rotterdam management to find out what can be done to facilitate a transformation project. Port of Rotterdam is like many other cities confronted with the question how to regenerate derelict harbour land that starts to exist because of transformation of the harbour activities.