Looking for a temporary use

REUSE organised the selection of the new temporary users for this secluded garden on the Northern shores of Amsterdam


Gemeente Amsterdam,
Projectbureau Noordwaarts


Evert Verhagen,
Nathalie de Reus

Book design Irma Bannenberg



Looking for a new and temporary future

The Tolhuistuin gardens in Amsterdam are extremely well located. Directly across Central Station on the other edge of the IJ waterfront. REUSE was asked to organise the proces to find a new but temporary use for the five buildings and the garden. The site is owned today by Royal Dutch Shell, they will relocate in the near future.

The Shell tower and the Shell restaurant were only bulid thirty years ago but have allready become part of the treasured picture of the NOrth Amsterdam waterfront.

The garden and the buildings of the Tolhuistuin will get a temporary use for the next five years. REUSE was asked to organise the proces to find the best temporary activity. To do that a competition was organised.

To be able to give all participants the information that is needed to make a plan REUSE build a website (www., made a book and organised the creative exchange between the diffrent participants.

REUSE involvement ended with the selction of the best plan, May 2007.