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Reuse houdt zich bezig met transformatieprojecten

To live in refurbished warehouses, work in old factory buildings or party in an abandoned mine shaft. The reuse of interesting historic sites is sought-after all over the world. But where do you start with the transformation process? How do you determine the right purpose for a factory, a pumping-station or a silo? And how does this new lively meeting place come into existence? The answers to all these questions are found in the appropriate approach of the transformation project. REUSE investigates the surroundings, assembles the project team, generates a fertile environment and atmosphere and adds the necessary creativity, resulting in a blueprint for the transformation.

To us a blueprint is a set of opportunities and we feel that one should only create ambitious plans. Make a statement. Advantageously you can use your site to initiate a transformation process. REUSE considers transformation processes not as a trend, in stead we see transformation as a phenomenon in a forever changing world. We choose to focus not on the traditional end product, but on the process that creates the opportunities for transformation.


Land is a scarce entity in today's world and is therefore continuously reused. In addition industrial sites that trigger the imagination are extremely popular: weathered, spacious, high, strong, and with no restrictions to the lay-out. The new economy is in search of these rich and promising locations. They are inspiring because of the stories they tell. Nowadays more and more people are after these stories in order to make new associations, which may lead to innovative ideas and products. In the past the economy flourished as a result of the reuse of industrial heritage, and also today the economical impact of reuse is tremendous.


The Perfect Match

The right *click* is crucial for a successful transformation project, that is the connection between site and concept, but also between the people working on it. Combine the right people and your process will run much smoother and faster.

In other words:
a well managed transformation process will create energy, inspiration and progress, so even the most challenging problem areas will receive a positive boost.


Bouwen aan netwerken

REUSE gathers information about numerous projects worldwide, whether they are successful or not. We exchange experiences and are continuously investigating new and/or comparable projects. Through sharing and applying this knowledge we come up with inspiring ideas and conceive surprising solutions. In short, networking facilitates the process.

During the transformation process we call in academics, students, professionals and other qualified people. Their critical view is important for the ongoing development of the project. We know who to consult on what topic, when and where. But we also involve the (future) users. Communication is essential in this process, and Communication resources and means are developed in-house.


Hoe werkt reuse

Het hergebruik van industriƫle locaties vraag om een bijzondere aanpak. Iets doen en niet wachten tot er iets gebeurt. Zodat er nieuwe bewoners en eigenaren arriveren die trots zijn, die willen investeren en die de locatie verder willen helpen.

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